PPL - Strength and Bodybuilding Program

What is it?

PPL is a 6 days program that with the goal of increasing both strength and muscle. PPL stands for push, pull, legs and It's a very popular program on r/fitness. You start with strength exercises (barbell work, pull-ups, etc) and finish with bodybuilding, for smaller muscles like biceps/triceps. It's suppose to be 6 days a week - pull, push, legs, rest, push, pull, legs but it's not a big deal if you do 5 days if you can't do 6 or even 7 days if you can. Just follow what your body tells you. The important thing is to hit enough sets per muscle groups in a given week. The original description is on Reddit.

Push Day (chest and triceps)

  1. Bench press 5x5
  2. Overhead press 5x5
  3. 3x8-12 incline dumbbell press
  4. Triceps pushdowns 3x8-12 Super set with lateral raises 3x15-20
  5. Overhead triceps extensions 3x8-12 Super set with lateral raises 3x15-20


Pull Day (back and biceps)

  1. Deadlifts 3x5
  2. Barbell rows 4x5
  3. Pullups 3x8-12
  4. Seated cable rows OR chest supported rows 3x8-12
  5. Face pulls 5x15-20
  6. Hammer curls 4x8-12
  7. Dumbbell curls 4x8-12


Legs Day

  1. Back Squats 3x5
  2. Front squat 3x5
  3. Romanian Deadlift 3x8-12
  4. Calf Raises 5x15
  5. leg press 3x8-12
  6. leg curls 3x8-12
  7. calf raises 5x8-12


General notes: