Website/Web Service template in Node.js



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I wrote this template to help me create websites and Web Services with Node. It uses vanilla http server with a few small packages that most websites need. Stuff like templates, router and serving static files. I borrowed a lot from isaacs' npm website.

Sites that follow this approach: (pull requests for more examples are welcome)

Why not express

When newcomers ask about writing a website or a Web Service they are usualy being told to use express. The problem with express is it uses middleware/Connect. middleware was a hack invented while solving a problem Node doesn't have. The problem that WSGI solves, which is creating a common interface for writing websites or frameworks that are used by web servers (such as Gunicorn in python or Thin in Ruby). Node doesn't even have those web servers since it comes with a built-in server as part of it's http library.

middleware forces a pre-declared stack of (req,res,next) functions on top of your routes. It's mostly just not a very useful approach for handling the kinds of things you need a webserver to do - serving static files, parsing POST data, parsing cookies, routing, auth. All can be handled quite nicely just by explicitly passing req and res around as necessary or by returning a stream and piping that to res as the case may warrant.

Also, writing a middleware means you create a module that doesn't work with the Node eco-system. It only works with express/Connect.

Design Philosophy

(inspired by isaacs)

Folders structure

server.js               # the starting point of our server

routes/                 # each request will ended up in one of those
  index.js              # request for '/'
  static.js             # request for static files

templates/              # server-side templates
  index.ejs             # homepage - showing list of users
  contact-partial.ejs   # each contact

config/                 # single entry point for dependencies:
  development.js        # hostnames, dbs, external api etc

db/                     # db related stuff
  db.js                 # access to a real db (just a json file for this example)
  mock-db.js            # access to mocked db. used for unit tests
  contacts.json         # our DB

test                    # unit tests with tape
  client                # client-side tests with the help of browserify

  deploy               # deploy script
  restart              # post-deploy script
  restart-dev          # stylus and browserify and restart server on file change

.jshintrc              # jshist options
deploy.conf            # deployment config file

Modules being used

Alternative Modules

(Please let me know of any helpful modules that works with vanilla http server)


npm install
npm run watchify &               # build browserify when a js client-side file changes
npm start                        # run server.js with node-dev. it will restart the app when a server side file changes


Compile stylus to css

npm run style


I use tape, substack's minimalist test library. Server and client side code. I wrote about it here if you havn't heard about it.

(if your tests are hitting the server you need to run it first)
npm test                      # use tape binary to run all tests


node test/server/index.js      # run a single test


I use deploy, a 400 lines bash script written by TJ Holowaychuk. Here is my quick blog post about it.

bin/deploy qa         # deploy to qa host
bin/deploy prod       # deploy to prod host


Code Guidelines

Contributions welcome!