Build Mobile apps with Dockrized NativeScript


NativeScript is an interesting way to build Android and iOS apps using Javascript.

Let's look at some alternatives:

Here is an example using the native Android API:

var file = new;

NativeScript uses the V8 (and Webkit for iOS and Windows) which injects a few global objects. In the above example, is one of them. In order to access Java objects, NativeScript uses something called Android JNI which provides a bridge between C++ and Java. file then becomes a proxy object that points to a Java Object. Is there any performance penalty here? Indeed, but it's only %10 precent slower than native applications.

Two more interesting points about NativeScript:

I wanted to explore NativeScript but didn't want to install and configure Java, Android SDK, Ant, etc. Life is too short so I created a Docker container with everything needed to run it.

Try it and let me know what you think!