Masters in Node - Mad Science by David Guttman

masters in node

The Event
The event was a part of SoCal Node.js meet-up group organized by David Aktary and Sandra Evling. Thank you both for a great venue. The event started with a fantastic talk given by Samuel Ishmael Philip. He showed us the best practices of testing our API. It was a very practical session and I will apply his examples on my current codebase.

The Talk
David gave us a glimpse into the future of Javascript and Node.js - He showed us the recent work of a few Node.js mad scientists that push the boundaries of our field (Slides). I took a photo of each slide and then I realized that a video is a better idea. I apologize for the not-so-great quality.

Noders and NPM packages from the talk
@mafintosh: peerflix, torrent-docker, hyperfs, torrent-stream, end-of-stream, pump
@hughsk & @mikolalysenko:, glslify, shader-school, gl-fbo, gl-particles, orthogami, from2, ndarray
@feross: webtorrent, Webtorrentapp, PeerCloud, standard, run-parallel, run-series, run-auto
@dominictarr & @pfraze: secure-scuttlebutt, scuttlebot, through(2)
@raynos: http-framework, body, send-data, corsify, send-error, xtend, map-async
@mmckegg: loop-drop