Execution Strategy

execution strategy

Objective and Key Result is an execution strategy that was implemented by Andrew Grove at Intel and adopted by Google and many others. The idea is to create cross functional alignment and transparency by setting goals for the company, the teams, and individuals and make them visible.

The Initial idea was written in the essay "The Giving of Orders" in 1926 by Mary Parker Follett.

"While Follett's writing were popular during her time period, they were nearly forgotten within ten years of her death. Scholars speculate that this could be due to gender discrimination and the fact that her ideas were too ahead of her time."

Peter Drucker was inspired by Mary's ideas and in 1954 wrote the book "The Practice of Management" where he coined in the term "Management By Objectives". MBO was adapted recently by a few successful companies that are knows for their execution excellence.

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Thanks for the helpful advise from the following: David Subar, James Chase, Kay Lee, Ryan Ogle, Fredrick Roby, and Dan Teplitsky.